About Us

Portage Industries, Inc. was established in July, 1970

We work for You

  • Portage Industries, Inc.  engages with established community businesses providing packaging, sorting, applying labels and assembling services.  We employ over 200 individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Portage Industries, Inc. established the Oakwood Plant in September, 2012 and quickly outgrew the facility and moved to Freedom Street in June 2016.

    Plant Mission Statement

    Portage Industries, Inc. is a team of people working together and solving problems with a focus on quality.  We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and the community by providing excellent supports and services.  We are ordinary people combining our efforts to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Privatized in August, 2009

  • Certified by Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities as an Agency Medicaid Provider in November, 2010