Dedicated Workforce

Portage Industries, Inc.

Making a Difference Through the People and the Businesses We Serve

Portage Industries, Inc. is the perfect combination of business and purpose. We partner with established companies and business startups by providing them with a dedicated workforce.

Human Services

Supporting individuals with disabilities by delivering services that develop and strengthen each person's ability to live, work, social and contribute as citizens of their community.

Business Services

Portage Industries, Inc. engages with established businesses all over the United States by providing high-quality packaging, sorting and assembly services.

Specializing In:

Our specialties include packaging, sorting, light assembly and other services. As a disability-friendly employer, Portage Industries, Inc. successfully maximizes employees' talents within the facility or at the business' location by providing a crew.

Our work makes a difference in our community and throughout the United States.

Our Service Areas

The Power of Purpose

We generate business partnerships to meet our customers' needs and fulfill our vital purpose: to employ those with disabilities. It is the perfect mix of accomplishing successful business endeavors while achieving the personal satisfaction of a well-done job and the pride of accomplishment. The projects we do for our customers result in success for our employees with disabilities. Each of them looks forward to coming to work and completing their duties.


Our employees work in a genuinely inclusive environment. We understand their wants and needs and present a work environment where they thrive. The work businesses provide Portage Industries, Inc. raises the perception of people with disabilities by demonstrating the capabilities, talents and success our workers bring to the job.

The current business conditions of supply chain disruption and workforce challenges put Portage Industries, Inc. in a unique position. We are instrumental in helping businesses solve those problems by providing a stable workforce that supports customers and provides workers the chance to grow and succeed.


People with disabilities tend to have more difficulty finding jobs than their peers, which is why Portage Industries, Inc. works hard to find businesses that will give them work. When a company provides us with a project, we can allow our employees to use their abilities to complete additional tasks.

Furthermore, businesses can improve their bottom line when working with Portage Industries, Inc. Our workers have been solving problems most of their lives and tend to bring strong loyalty to work. Their skills and experiences offer businesses a competitive advantage by producing more product on time.