A Motivated Workforce
Providing Meaningful Work

Business Services

Portage County Vocational Provider

Portage Industries is here to help new startups and established businesses thrive by providing a qualified workforce for various one-time and ongoing projects. And to better organize for the future, business leaders must embrace the stance on “purpose.” Our vital purpose strives to enhance your business by providing a productive and motivated workforce offering a variety of skills and expertise that brings us personal fulfillment. Your project and our workers become a win-win situation where everyone is better with Portage Industries.

Top-performing companies know that having a purpose in the work environment is a differentiating factor. A firmly held sense of purpose is a company’s unique affirmation of its identity. Portage Industries embodies everything our business stands for and loops you into our mission to empower individuals with disabilities to find personal fulfillment.

Portage Industries has been an excellent supplier for us for many years. Quality, delivery and customer service has been exceptional.
– JR Thompson, Quality Engineer for IIpea Industries
Why Portage Industries?
While all businesses have a strategy for creating value, few can say they truly do that with the available resources. Portage Industries helps organizations to bring that value home. The key is to focus on your efforts and instill a sense of what matters – effectiveness.
High Turnaround

The effectiveness of your operations can be transformed by working with Portage Industries. We have the capabilities to do more labor-intensive projects for you, which are not limited to packaging and light assembly.

We also leverage automation through our new machine – the revolutionary BatchMaster IV. The machine enables us to adjust easily while increasing accuracy and producing large product volumes.

A combination of automatic and hand assembly creates the highest level of service, accuracy and quality for you. As a result, businesses will increase their output while increasing work for our employees.

A Dedicated Workforce
The effectiveness of our management with employees with disabilities is empowering. We understand their abilities and unique talents to fully utilize them for completing your production tasks on time. As a result, we fulfill our work and are truly dedicated to producing quality outcomes for your business.

How We Work with You

Through collaboration, we create a plan for meeting your specific business objectives, such as fully understanding your product quality needs. We do that through customized quality testing and precise work instruction. And because we don’t have a proprietary process of our own, we make it our priority to customize based on your specific production and quality requirements. We sub-contract by bringing the work you need done into our plant. For those businesses in the surrounding area, we can also provide you with a supervisor and crew to work at your location.

During our time with Portage Industries, our company has gone through a period of growth where sales have increased more than 15x. This growth would not have been possible without the team at Portage. Through uncertain times, delays in supply chain, and rapid growth, Portage Industries has been a pillar of stability within our business. Kris has provided nothing but first-rate customer service and reliability allowing us to focus on factors critical to our growth. I would recommend Portage Industries to any company looking to put a reliable partner in their corner.
– Andrew Auble, Co-Founder and President at GlueTread