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Providing Meaningful Work

For more than 50 years, Portage Industries has been the top vocational, non-profit organization in Portage County, Ohio. We were founded in 1970, and our current facility was built in 1980. The two additions to the facility allowed us to keep up with the growth of our company throughout the years.

We have delivered exceptional employment services for the people and customers we serve. With a 50,000-square-foot production and warehouse facility, our business services have become comprehensive over the years. From hand assembly to the robust automation of products, we have evolved and become a valuable resource to businesses across the nation.

Our business model is subcontracting with businesses to provide meaningful work. As a disability-friendly employer, our dedicated workforce of people with disabilities offers skilled labor. The experience they get at work gives them a sense of personal fulfillment and pride in their accomplishments. They are empowered to be contributing citizens within the community, and many move to successful careers in other businesses. When that happens, we have done our job supporting them toward achieving a real sense of personal fulfillment.

Meet Our Staff

Philip E. Miller
Philip E. Miller
Sandy Allen
Managing Director
Kris Maylone
Corporate Manager
Len Hall
Facility Manager
Stephanie Plona
Habilitation Coordinator