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Promoting Neurodiversity in the Workplace
The benefits of diversity for innovation, creativity and sound decision-making are undeniable. However, many businesses fail to recognize the importance of neurodiversity.
Building a Supportive Workplace Culture for All
Hiring people with disabilities is the first step, but your company’s journey to inclusivity does not end there. You must also create a supportive workplace.
Empowering Your Business: The Impact of a Dedicated Workforce
For over five decades, Portage Industries has demonstrated how employing people with disabilities creates a dedicated workforce and benefits both individuals and businesses.
Innovative Approaches to Inclusive Hiring in the Packaging Industry
Companies across many industries struggle to find enough workers to fill open positions, especially for repetitive tasks like packaging assembly. At the same time, individuals with developmental disabilities often face barriers to employment, with low workforce participation rates compared to the general population.
How Businesses Thrive with a Diverse Workforce
Businesses across industries are realizing the benefits of building inclusive workforces, especially when it comes to hiring individuals with developmental disabilities. Recent case studies showcase that integrating these employees is not just good for community relations, it also positively impacts productivity, company culture and the bottom line.
Stories of Success and Resilience Among Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in the Workplace
Individuals with developmental disabilities have exhibited remarkable determination in their pursuit of success within the workforce. With the support of various resources, many have secured full-time positions, contributing to their personal growth and enhancing their capabilities as valuable employees for businesses.
Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Making a Difference at Work
Many businesses now acknowledge the significance of diversity and inclusion, yet individuals with disabilities often receive less attention compared to other minority groups.
The 31st Annual Golf Outing
On Tuesday, July 25, Portage Industries, Inc. sponsored the 31st Annual Benefit Golf Outing at Windmill Lakes Golf Club.
How Employment of People with Developmental Disabilities Can Benefit the Business World
Developmental impairments used to be frequently viewed as obstacles that prevented people from fully participating in society, including having jobs.
Why You Should Hire People with Disabilities to Help Your Business
Individuals with disabilities can make valuable contributions to the workplace, performing a wide range of jobs across different levels and businesses of all sizes.