Employment & Skills Training
Utilizing Unique Talents

Human Services

Portage County Vocational Provider

Portage Industries, Inc. is the top vocational provider within Portage County, Ohio. We offer employment and skills training for individuals with disabilities. We also understand the unique skills of our workforce and find ways to utilize their talents.

No matter the worker's strengths or weaknesses, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to find personal fulfillment in their everyday work.

Fulfillment for Ohioans with Disabilities

Ohioans with disabilities, specifically those in Portage County, can find personal fulfillment in their work through Portage Industries, Inc. We connect with businesses to get their packaging, sorting and assembling work. Every day, there is an opportunity to emphasize their unique skills.

For example, one of our paid production workers may be required to obtain training on specific skills and behaviors. We can do that by partnering with businesses all over the nation. Medicaid funds the work skills training we provide.

Certified by Ohio DODD

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) certifies agencies through strict standards. Portage Industries, Inc. is a certified Medicaid Provider for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). Health and safety are our day-to-day priorities. Medicaid certification demonstrates to our people and their families that Portage Industries, Inc. is a capable and qualified provider of excellent services.

Travel is a Priority

While employers do not have to provide transport for employees with disabilities, we believe it is necessary. We want our employees to complete their job duties without worrying about how they will get to and from work. In addition, we understand the need to participate actively within our community. Therefore, Portage Industries, Inc. invests in new vehicles and takes pride in the ability to put this area as a priority.

Workplace Accommodations

Our workforce is full of diversity and inclusion. We recognize people with disabilities for their abilities and are committed to setting career goals without limitations. We provide our employees with the following amenities because we can bill Medicaid for these services. They include:

  • Environments for individuals with sensory processing challenges.
  • Transportation services for those who need to be picked up and dropped off from work.
  • An activity-based program to empower those with specific support needs to develop important life skills.
  • All the extras, including nursing services, so that we can coordinate and provide healthcare and medication for those with health-related needs.
Activity-Based Services

Everyone has different interests and needs. Portage Industries, Inc. pays attention to the specific and individualized needs of everyone for whom we provide daily services. For some people, work is not a priority or an interest. Portage Industries, Inc. provides a day filled with fun and engaging activities, including outings into the community for people who desire and or need this type of service.