July 27, 2023

The 31st Annual Golf Outing

On Tuesday, July 25, Portage Industries, Inc. sponsored the 31st Annual Benefit Golf Outing at Windmill Lakes Golf Club. The event is more than just a day of golf; it's a meaningful opportunity to aid the Levy Committee for the Portage Board of Developmental Disabilities. All the earned funds will be used to support four crucial programs that will help people with developmental disabilities from birth and through the life span.

The meaning behind the event

The objective was to raise money for the renewal levy in November this year. The Golf Outing provides a steady and predictable source of funding for helping people with developmental disabilities, enabling long-term planning and sustainable initiatives to be put into place.

We can help people with developmental disabilities by offering them assistance, education and opportunities. Investing in vital services enhances not just their quality of life, but also creates a more accepting and caring community where everyone's needs are met.

Building community unity

Thanks to the tireless work of our outstanding committee, this event has been in the planning for years. Its success was driven by Sandy Allen, Bev Stefanov, Stacey Fuller and Kristina Baker. This golf adventure would not have been possible without their unrelenting dedication and enthusiasm for the cause.

Bringing our community together is always at the forefront. Portage Industries, Inc. believes in the strength of unity because it helps us to forge connections between different organizations. We can establish a diverse environment that is welcoming and empathetic for everyone by encouraging a sense of community.

Thanking our sponsors

A special thank you must go out to AVI for supplying lunch and Windmill Golf Course for their support in numerous ways. Their assistance over the years has been extremely helpful in making this event a success.

We had many generous donors this year and appreciated their contributions. The list includes:

Event Co-Sponsor
  • Dick McNeil and Pinnacle Metal Products
Bronze Sponsors
  • GentleBrook
  • OEM/Miller div or ILPEA Industries, Inc
  • AVI Foodsystems, Inc
  • GBR Golf Ball Refurbishing.
Silver Sponsors
  • Hometown Bank
  • Keith & Amelia Shepard
  • Admired Residential Services, LLC
  • Portage Country Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Portage Industries, Inc
Gold Sponsor
  • Family & Community Services, Inc
Diamond Sponsors
  • L'Oreal USA
  • Windmill Lakes Golf Club


We sincerely thank every community member who participated in this remarkable event. Your support provides a brighter future for individuals with developmental disabilities.

We eagerly invite you to unite with us again in the coming year. Whether you actively engage, generously sponsor or compassionately donate, your involvement will undoubtedly impact the lives we touch.

On this exceptional day of golf and community camaraderie, let us forge ahead hand in hand. Together, we possess the power to enact lasting change, enriching the lives of both the community and those facing developmental challenges. Until we gather again next year!