Feb 25, 2024

Empowering Your Business: The Impact of a Dedicated Workforce

For over five decades, Portage Industries has demonstrated how employing people with disabilities creates a dedicated workforce and benefits both individuals and businesses. Founded in 1970 in Portage County, Ohio, Portage Industries provides exceptional employment services tailored to each person's strengths while also delivering skilled workers that meet the needs of our manufacturing and distribution partners.

From our 50,000 square-foot facility, abilities shine

Operating out of a large production and warehousing facility, Portage Industries offers vocational training and job placement services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By taking a person-centered approach that focuses on ability rather than perceived limitations, we evolved into a valuable workforce solutions partner.

Through this mutually beneficial structure, business partners may access devoted, productive workers while individuals with disabilities can pursue rewarding jobs. Encouraging training equips every worker to be successful in positions that best suit their own skills. Additionally, ongoing mentoring helps our people make the move to independent mainstream employment.

Job training that uplifts

The goal of Portage Industries' training program is to help each employee discover their unique abilities. Employees acquire skills in areas like assembly, quality control, machine operation, shipping and packing that are directly related to occupations that are available. More significantly, they receive coaching in vital competencies including self-advocacy in the workplace, teamwork and communication.

This customized approach fosters the growth of both talents and self-assurance. Workers discover a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in doing their finest work while gaining vocational skills that complement their unique strengths. When given the appropriate job, employees may exhibit a passion and devotion that make them essential to our clients.

Fulfilling business requirements

Employers collaborating with Portage Industries gain access to dedicated and motivated workers. We recognize that neurological variations can offer unique perspectives and talents, making our employees adept problem solvers, task-focused and detail-oriented. Leveraging their skills, our workers excel in a diverse array of tasks.

At Portage Industries, we redefine the narrative by identifying each individual's strengths and matching them with tasks that showcase their abilities, steering away from assumptions.

Building inclusion

Portage Industries sets an example for other companies thinking about including people with disabilities in their workforce by leading the way in inclusive recruiting. Every instance where empowered workers flourish at work creates a wave of momentum for cultural change.

Observing directly the concrete contributions made by workers with disabilities limits outdated beliefs. We challenge preconceptions by highlighting the unique perspectives and talents that individuals with disabilities can bring to the table when given the opportunity.

More corporate executives become aware of the advantages of disability inclusion with each new hire. Considering a nationwide push for empowering workplace equity, Portage Industries offers companies the knowledge and data they need to advocate for disability inclusion boldly. Learn more by contacting us today.